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Few doors in your home or business get more use than your garage door. More than any other door, a garage door needs to work dependably. You can count on Brookline Doorworks for prompt and professional service on virtually every make or model of door and opener. We have service trucks all over the Ozarks to handle your service needs today.

24-Hour Emergency Service is available. 

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Broken Springs

High tension springs can break after years in service or under unusual conditions or after accidents. Spring replacement should be performed by trained professionals. Call us and one of our skilled technicians will get the job done safely and quickly.


Noise, jerking, rough operation are usually indicators of worn, broken, or maladjusted parts. Waiting will only increase the possible damage. Lubricating and adjusting the door and operator will reduce the noise and increase the durability and life of the system. This service should be performed annually for best results. We offer a reduced service call fee for a "Tune-up." Metal or all-plastic rollers can be replaced with recommended nylon-covered ball-bearing rollers for quiet, durable operation for not much cost. These are included with all our new doors. You may also consider replacing chain or screw-drive operators with a belt-drive unit that is much quieter, more durable, and requires no lubrication.


Many common brands of operators have an internal gear that wears out. The gear shaft can also wear or break and make the chain very loose. When the motor runs and the door doesn't move, that is usually a gear issue. We can repair the unit for much less than the cost of a new operator. However, if the operator is 15 years old or more, it may be time to replace it with a new unit. Another common issue with operators is electrical damage caused by lightning or a voltage spike. These can usually be repaired easily. A simple issue that is easy for a homeowner to check is the safety photo eye system. If the door won't close and the main light bulb(s) blinks several times, the operator is indicating an issue with the eye sensors. There may be something blocking the sensors, a wire may be loose or broken, or something could have bumped them out of alignment so they don't "see" each other.

Keypads and Remotes

Remotes and keypads are very convenient when everything is working well. We are surprised at the number of people that live with non-working or under-performing systems. We can reprogram or add keypads and remotes. We can program the built-in remotes in vehicles. We have multi-button remotes that will open up to 4 doors. Call us and make your life easier.


Wi-Fi and Smart Phone control can be added to many existing operators. These modifications will allow you to control and check the status of your garage door from just about anywhere. If you can't remember closing the door, all you have to do is check the app on your phone. Have an unexpected visitor when you're not home? You can open the garage door and let them in. On vacation? The app will tell you if the door is operated.

Door Sections

If your door has been damaged by an object or just wear & tear, many times we can replace just the damaged door sections.

Commercial Door Systems

Brookline Doorworks services all types of commercial doors, from small counter doors to large industrial doors. We service and install fire doors, counter doors, rolling doors, service doors, rolling grilles, high-lift doors, trolley operators, jackshaft operators, car wash operators, high-speed doors, etc. We maintain and repair the doors at many of the major car dealerships in the area among other commercial customers.

Dock Equipment

Brookline Doorworks can install or repair dock equipment, such as edge-of-dock levelers, dock seals, bumpers, etc.

Gate Operators

Brookline Doorworks can install or repair gate operators for sliding or swinging gates, both residential and commercial. We have the remotes and keypads for residential or multi-access systems.


Brookline Doorworks carries a large inventory of overhead door and garage door opener parts in stock. We also have a wide selection of complete doors and openers in stock. We have almost all of the common items needed to maintain your system in top working condition. We have the gear kits for the operators, garage door springs, track, cables, rollers, hinges, bearings, struts, lube, remotes, keypads, logic boards, circuit boards, electrical parts, wall controls, bottom seals, perimeter weatherstripping (door stop seal), etc. While we don't recommend that anyone except a trained technician work on garage doors and operators, we do sell the parts for the ambitious do-it-yourselfer.