Get Discounts with a Membership

A neglected garage door or opener can lead to costly repairs in the future. Increase the life expectancy of your garage door/opener and receive discounted service and repairs with a membership.

Memberships only $89.95/year

Includes up to two doors openers for a single-family home. Other non-standard options are available; please call us or fill out the form to discuss your situation.


Discounted parts, service and tune up rate for any additional doors and motors on the home

Priority Service

Priority scheduling for repairs for the next year (appointment within 48 hours of calling)


Easy online sign-up, hassle-free payment options with autopay, cancel at anytime.

Save Money

Minimize future repair costs and increase your garage door and opener life expectancy


Our highly-skilled employees do quality work and provide a professional service experience


No need to remember to schedule your yearly maintenance, we've got you covered

A garage door needs to work independently

Few doors in your home or business get more use than your garage door. Your garage door stands up to daily temperature change, rain, sleet, snow hail and many other elements. A neglected door or automatic opener can lead to present dangers and costly future repairs. Our comprehensive membership plan that can keep your doors and openers safe and reliable today and for years to come.

To get started with our membership plan, fill out the form and we will follow-up with you shortly.

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